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It is a time of generous gifting, but whilst we all love to give and receive lovely presents, the recent COP26 summit reminded us all why we need to think about how we treat this lovely planet of ours. We have spent the year thinking about ways we can reduce our environmental impact as a business, so here are 8 ways to make this Christmas green! 


1. Make sure your real tree comes from a sustainable source

Make your Christmas tree the staple piece in your family home and even better, have peace of mind that it is sustainably sourced. To help, look out for the Grow in Britain logo and if you are struggling to find one use Grow in Britain's website

Did you know that you can even  rent one?                                    


2. Shop locally this Christmas

Support your local businesses and economy by buying all your Christmassy needs locally. Doing this will not only have immediate positive effects on your local businesses, but it is more environmentally friendly due to the lower emissions your purchases would have travelled. Plus you get to have a nice friendly chat with somebody rather than a screen! It's a win win!

Local Christmas Shopping Market Stalls


3. Recycle! Reuse! Be creative!

Did you know, if we all recycled just half of the 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper produced we’d save 25,000 trees? So why not opt for an extra gift and wrap the present in a gorgeous teatowel or fabric. If you still want some nice Christmas patterns, try the scrunch test - if it doesn't scrunch it isn't recyclable.

Eco paper wrapping Christmas presents


4. Plant a Tree

Why not plant a tree for your family through our Plant a Tree scheme?

Why Plant a tree:

  • Cleans our air by releasing oxygen and storing carbon via CO2 absorption
  • Provide beautiful landscapes, both rural and urban
  • Improve community life
  • Improve the environmental balance with a greater range of flora and fauna
  • Provide a sustainable source of fuel

At Certainly Wood we are passionate about creating new woodland within the UK and we have been involved in tree planting for many years. When you place an order with us, you have the opportunity to plant a tree and when you do, we won't just plant the tree, we will keep you informed on what's happening all the way through their life. We want you to be part of the journey.

Tree planting Christmas gift


5. Plantable Christmas Cards

This year send a loved one an eco-friendly Christmas wish with plantable Christmas cards. Choose through a variety of cards which are all filled with seeds that can be planted after use. Whether it's sunflower, marigolds or wildflowers seeds, this gift is sure to leave your special someone smiling. 

A fantastic way to send some love and do our bit for our planet!

Wildflower seeds card Christmas logs in boxes lavender


6. Make your own Crackers

This year why not be crafty and attempt to make your own Christmas crackers. This is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to reuse and recycle bits and bobs from around the house whilst simultaneously adding a personal touch to the festivities. Write a name onto each cracker for an extra personal touch.

To get you started, here's an idea for your first cracker joke: 

“What do you do when you chop firewood quicker than you can stack it? A backlog!”

For a step to step guide on how to create your own crackers, follow this link: 

Christmas crackers make your own


7. Make your own wreath

A great way to kick start your festivities is to gather your family and have a go at creating your very own Christmas wreath. Get wrapped up in some warm clothes and go foraging for some lovely additions for your wreath. This family activity is a great way to add a personal touch on the festivities. For some instructions on how to make a Christmas wreath, click here.

Christmas Wreath Make your own


8. Remember the true meaning of Christmas

This is the time to reflect on year gone, enjoy time with family and being grateful for what is to come.Why not gather around the fire this Christmas with a good old fashioned jigsaw or board game and enjoy time with family or friends?

Board games by the fire Christmas family time kiln dried logs