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Plant a Tree

  • Help us create more woodland in the UK 
  • Purchase a Plant a Tree, and we will plant it on your behalf 
  • Did you know that a single tree will, on average, absorb a tonne of CO2 during its lifetime, whereas, an average home produces nine tonnes of CO2 every year?

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Certainly Wood encourages the planting of trees for woodland creation and enhancing the environment for a sustainable future.Sustainable production has been at the forefront of our operations from since the beginning, but we do more than just reduce our plastic usage within the business. We plant trees on virgin land to create wonderful new and sustainably managed woodlands where there were not any before! 

Whilst we continue to find new ways of reducing our impact on the environment, you can help us on this journey by purchasing a "Plant a Tree". This purchase will help us plant more trees around the UK, helping us reduce our emissions further. 

Want to know more about why it's important to plant trees? Find out here.


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