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Local Herefordshire Pubs Reopening

For many, the opening of pubs signals the return to normality and edging ever closer to when things will potentially be back to normal (well th...

On Sunday night, like many people, I sat down to watch the final episode of A Perfect Planet with David Attenborough and will not shy away from...

Over the last two years, through a number of media reported misconceptions and a lack of awareness, woodburning stoves and fireplaces have often been portrayed as negative and responsible for contributing far more particulate emissions than they actually do. In this blog we discuss three major misconceptions: that woodburning stoves are the biggest contributor in the UK of small particular matter, that they create the same emissions as 18 diesel cars and that all woodburning stoves and fireplaces are harmful.
Woodburning stoves become even more efficient thanks to clearSkies
Wood burning stoves are becoming more efficient thanks to a new, independent energy and performance certification from clearSkies. Learn more about the certification here.
How To Smoke Food Outdoors Using Kiln Dried Logs
Learn how to smoke foods using kiln dried logs, including how to build a fire, what foods to smoke and how to keep it hot.
The benefits of getting cosy in front of a log burner at Forest Holidays

Find Yourself in the Forest We all need a break - the chance to escape from the pressures of everyday life, slow down a bit and spend quality ...

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