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Get into the Christmas spirit by making your own Christmas Wreath with these easy to follow steps:

Step 1:

Purchase a ring to use as your base; these can be purchased from your local garden centre, online or from Hobbycraft. You should also be able to purchase some green moss which is great for padding out the frame. Use the moss together with bits of cut up fir tree, perhaps collected from a walk in your garden, to build up your base.

Step 2:

We used garden wire and worked in a circular pattern securing the pieces of fir and trimming as we went.

Step 3:

Once you've built the base up (to your preference) you're then ready to add the rest of the foliage. Your wreath should look a little like this.

Step 4:

For our wreath we added holly and other foliage from our garden, using the same circular pattern and trimming to the required shape as we went along.

Step 5:

Final touches are up to you depending on what you like and the look you want but we added some cinnamon sticks, red ribbon and some pine cones which we sprayed gold finished with some of our Flamers firelighters to add to the natural look!

(wreath no.1)

(wreath no.2)

We also made the following, for a slightly alternative look, using a ring base of twigs and pine cones which we sprayed white for a contemporary wintery feel.

Don't fancy making your own - head on over to the Great British Florist or Cox and Cox for a range of artificial and fresh wreaths.