When burning firewood logs on an open appliance, it’s impossible to control the air flow. Because of this, very dry firewood can sometimes burn too quickly but you still want to get good heat output and avoid sooting up chimneys etc.

The best solution for this is to burn our ‘kiln dried chunky logs’ that have a thicker diameter (10-21cm) and so provide a longer burn. The moisture content in the centre of the log is naturally a bit higher. (Av 30%). However, it is also just as important to have some smaller logs for getting the fire started, so perhaps consider a combination of standard and chunky logs, although we cannot mix these in single packs.

Never be tempted to go for poorly seasoned firewood – Yes, they will burn slower, but you won’t get the heat output and you will actually end up using up to twice as much firewood to generate the same heat AND you will get the soot and tar build up in your chimney and ultimately you could be heading towards a chimney fire!