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Children at Madley Primary School were delighted to be gifted a weather station recently by local company Certainly Wood, based in Lulham. The company which is the largest specialist firewood producer in the UK has adopted Madley School to support its environmental projects. Madley is already a Green Flag Eco School.

The weather station was presented by Certainly Wood partner George Snell who is also the Chair of Governors of the school. The station will be used across the curriculum in studying the weather but also in Maths for temperature, rainfall and data handling. It will give all pupils of the school a ‘hands on’ approach making the weather and its measurement ‘real’ therefore allowing better understanding of concepts.

Head Master Mr Batstone comments,

"We welcome the tremendous support of local businesses but particularly Certainly Wood who have always been at the forefront of supporting the school and assisting the children in expanding, developing and cementing their learning. The children and adults are appreciative of the generous approach that Certainly Wood has undertaken to support the school."

This type of local business support is crucial to the school and allows the children to connect to the wider world. Certainly Wood are enthusiastic about the new project, Nic Snell Partner of Certainly Wood comments,

"We are delighted to have adopted Madley School due to its keen interest in the environment. At Certainly Wood, weather forecasting is key to our business, so we are keen to educate and involve young people in how to manage natural resources and understand what impact they have on their use. The weather station is an ideal tool to bring children closer to nature. We are looking forward to seeing what results it produces!"

The original article feature on the Madley Community School website: