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The Brits Throw Down S’mores Gauntlet To USA

S’mores – a toasted marshmallow, chocolate and Graham Cracker sandwich – are as American as the star-spangled banner. But now a British log manufacturer – - is taking the USA on at their own game with a gourmet version of the campfire treat.

Certainly Wood challenged UK-based celebrity chef Felice Tocchini, to come up with a British take on the square Graham Cracker used in S’mores as they are not available over here (most people use digestives, but their round shape isn’t ideal for a sandwich).

Felice created a tastier, healthier version using only X ingredients, unlike the original, which features over 10 including artificial flavouring.  To complete the gourmet taste, British artisan marshmallows and chocolate have been added to the recipe.

S’mores are the focus of Certainly Wood’s Get Outdoors With S’mores campaign, which encourages parents to get their children out of the house enjoying the great outdoors. There are all sorts of ideas from building a den to creating the perfect campfire on which to cook all sorts of delights including British S’mores.

Find out more about the Get Outdoors With S’mores campaign 


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