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Certainly Wood has launched a new packaging design for its kiln dried logs which emphasises that its new drying kilns, which came into operation last year, are now run on waste wood from its firewood manufacturing processes.

As chairman, George Snell explained, “Our entire processing operation has been improved to be as eco friendly as possible. We needed to increase our production capacity and move away from oil as the energy source for drying. The addition of new kilns and the use of waste from our own processing has resolved both issues and perhaps even created a benchmark by which all wood fuel producers might be judged.”

Managing director, Nic Snell, adds, “With the new packaging design it was vital that we were able to communicate the clear message that all our wood is now kiln dried using our own wood waste. We also wanted to reinforce our message that the wood we process is not only from well managed sustainable sources but, most importantly, is British. Some firewood available to consumers is imported but sadly consumers have know way of telling, an issue that we believe needs addressing.”

Although slow to start due to the mild Autumn, Certainly Wood reports a significant increase in sales over the season which, with the recent cold weather sales, have soared.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Fires & Fireplace magazine’.