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Due to the continuing cold weather and the very cold snap in late January we are experiencing huge demand for our premium quality British kiln dried logs which is fantastic, but we do hate having to tell customers that we presently have a short lead time of approx. 12-15 working days.

We are working flat out and the kilns are running 24/7 to keep up, but it’s not easy when so many people want Certainly Wood logs. Please take a very close look at your stock levels and plan ahead your ordering to avoid running out.

However, if you do get caught out, we do have stocks of our heat logs which are a great alternative and burn with lots of heat. Flamers, logstores, wood pellets etc are all in stock, it’s just the kiln dried logs that are affected.

You may also note that we have removed our ‘seasoned’ logs from sale as these are too high in moisture content at the moment so we would prefer not to sell them, unless of course you have somewhere to store them for 6-8 months in which case do ring to discuss.

We took a decision last year NOT to import any logs from Eastern Europe and whilst this perhaps removes a little flexibility on supply we are still comfortable that this is the right decision for Certainly Wood. We pride ourselves on sourcing locally from woodland we know is being managed properly and sustainably and every single log and stick of kindling is processed and dried here on site allowing us to maintain the highest of standards in line with the HETAS ‘Quality Assured Fuel’ scheme. Wood fired kilns, solar panels and local sourcing all contribute to our green credentials.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this causes and be rest assured we will be getting your order delivered as quickly as possible.

Nic Snell