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You may or may not have noticed some negative publicity recently in terms of air pollution in London, mainly caused by vehicle emission as one would expect, but surprisingly wood burning also got a mention as one of the contributors. ‘Clean Air’ is now top of the political agenda and Defra are working hard to come up with recommendations for how to reduce emissions.

About six years ago the majority of the UK’s manufacturers and distributors of wood burning stoves, along with some of the related suppliers within the industry (Certainly Wood being one of them) got together and formed the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) ( This is an industry body that is working hard to ensure that the efficiency of its stoves and more recently the quality of the fuel is of the highest standards to ensure emissions are kept to an absolute minimum and that consumers can enjoy all the benefits of wood burning at home.

As an aside, one of the reasons for wood burning being blamed for some of the harmful emissions in London is mainly because there is a very high proportion of open fires in the city and rather a lot of nets of poor quality fuel being sold in garages across London.

At a recent launch to MP’s at Westminster, the new SIA Ecodesign Ready stove was launched – Have a look at this Which article here

So, for the ultimate in efficient wood burning, look for the new SIA Ecodesign stoves and make sure you burn British kiln dried logs.