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How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours cooked outdoors over the firepit! Name a better way to kick off the weekend! 

There are many ways you can cook a full English breakfast but in this case we used our Plain Jane Firepit. This firepit comes with the addition of a Swing Arm BBQ Rack which is most useful to put your large skillet/frying pan on.

Step One:

To light our firepit we used Grill & Chill logs,  kiln dried kindling and flamers with the recommended top-down method. We placed two logs at the bottom of the firepit then proceeded to stack 6 sticks of kindling in a jenga-shape on top of these logs. We then put one of our flamers in the middle of the formation then slanted a couple of logs on this structure. We lit the Flamer and within a few minutes we had a roaring fire in front of us. 

Step Two:

Place your large frying pan on the swing arm rack and allow the pan to heat up. Pour enough oil to cover the base of the pan. Sausages are the backbone of a full English breakfast and you can have as many as your appetite will allow! You can choose which ever sausages you like to most or suit your dietary requirements or if you want to make this vegetarian, there is now a large selection of veggie sausages out there. If cooking pork sausages, these take longer to cook so you will need to get these into the pan first.

Step Three:

Slice or quarter mushrooms or you could even use field mushrooms which you simply place on the pan whole. Halve the tomatoes and add into the pan. We like a bit of thyme added to our tomato, it adds a nice flavour, so you can sprinkle over your tomato before added to the pan. 

Step Four:

Smoked or unsmoked? Back bacon or streaky bacon? No matter the choice, it is time to add your bacon to the pan.  At the same time, make sure to keep turning the sausages to ensure they don't burn.  Whilst everything is cooking make enough rooms for the eggs. Carefully crack them into the pan & let it all cook. In the meantime, pour the beans into a pan and let them cook until piping hot.

Step Five:

No full English is complete without toast. If you have a toasting fork hold the directly over the flame. but if not, toast it on the grill pan until toasted to your liking. 

Step Six:

Once your bacon is crispy, your sausages brown, bread toasted, mushrooms soft, eggs fried and your tomatoes roasted it is time to tuck in!

traditional cooked breakfast cooked on the firepit