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After feeling so tired last night, we were not particularly looking forward to today as it was another 120 miles and these days always prove to be a bigger challenge.

However, we had a good nights sleep and felt better this morning and even better when we were met outside our Travel Lodge in Ludlow, by 10 of our Hereford friends who cycled with us the 1st 30 miles down into Hereford where we were met by a small welcoming party including our father which was great. Most left us here, but two friends continued with us all the way to the Severn Bridge - another major milestone and a fantastic experience to cycle over this wonderful bridge.

We were feeling good, so decided to opt for an 85 mile stop point for lunch, just south of Bristol, but it proved slightly longer than we thought, so lunch wasn't until just after 3 pm, but it was welcoming to see our sister Pip who drove down from Coleford to meet us for lunch so over the last 2 days we have seen all the family which is fantastic.

After lunch we had just 35 miles to go down into Wincanton and finally arrived at 7.15 p.m. Another long day, and we are convinced the 2 boys are getting fitter whilst their fathers get more tired!

Only 200 miles to go - not far now!

And now for the penultimate day - just 107 miles down to Launceston, but we were told that this part of the trip will be hilly and it certainly gave no surprises as we headed across Somerset and immediately off the main roads and onto narrow lanes and for the first two hours we did feel we had crossed every steep sided valley there was. Steep hills came at us one after the other and about 1/2 - 3/4 mile long each time and very steep, but we kept plodding on and did wonder at one stage as to whether we should perhaps join some better main roads, but we stuck to the route and soon joined better roads and headed west through Exeter and met the support team for lunch at the normal 2.45 pm, but just under 70 miles.

After our pasta lunch and bananas we set off again and had a pretty good run to Launceston, then south by about 5 miles to our B&B which made a nice change from Premier Inns and Travel Lodges, deep in the Cornish countryside - yes we have already reached the last county and we were more than pleased to have also eaten into part of tomorrow's final leg of 93 miles to Lands End.

We now have less than 100 miles to go, so have decided to set off early and enjoy the day - weather is set fine.