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Certainly Wood’s “Buy British Firewood” Campaign Gets ‘Grown In Britain’ Backing

With over 50% of the firewood bought online imported from Eastern Europe, Herefordshire-based family business who sell sustainable British firewood and kindling, are campaigning to encourage people to buy British logs. The company is concerned people are unaware they are buying imported logs, especially when they buy online.

Certainly Wood MD Nic Snell takes up the story:

“As pioneers of the kiln-drying firewood in the UK process nearly ten years ago, we are confident of providing a consistently high-quality product dried to below a 20% moisture content, ensuring our logs burn longer, hotter and cleaner ”.

“Drying the logs on site provides us with total control of the quality, from forest to fire. Certainly Wood has been part of the Woodsure Woodfuel Quality Assurance Scheme, certified by HETAS, since its inception. Woodsure has now partnered with Grown in Britain to deliver this provenance standard. Logs from Eastern Europe have a much longer supply chain that means they pass through several companies before arriving in the UK. We source our logs within a 100 miles radius, those from Eastern Europe can travel up to 1500 miles to get here.”

The kiln drying process also substantially reduces the smoke, debris and tar produced by logs when alight. These are recognised as the biggest cause of chimney fires in the UK and logs bought from an Eastern European source are potentially likely to produce more side effects of burn off.

What’s more, Certainly Wood selects its logs from sustainably managed, British woodland. In other words, the trees used are removed to ensure the ongoing health of the forest or woodland. Again, this is something that cannot be guaranteed when buying wood from abroad.

As part of its campaign to Buy British, Certainly Wood has become one of the first kiln dried firewood companies to receive accreditation from Grown In Britain, an organisation dedicated to promoting British timber and a greater understanding of the importance of sustainable woodland management.

Other Grown in Britain supporters include the likes of DEFRA, M & S and The Wildlife Trusts.   The Forestry Commission and The Crown Estate are GiB licensed together with nearly 10% of UK forests. Certainly Wood will now be able to use the striking Union Jack-themed logo across its product range to underline its Buy British message.


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