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Many outside of the county recognise Herefordshire for our Apples and …cider! So, we were thrilled when local company Westons Cider contributed some of their deliciously crafted cider.

We’re pretty sure you may have heard or come across a bottle of Westons but do you know much about them and their story?

Deep in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside, you’ll find Westons Cider nestled in the old village of Much Marcle. It all began in 1880, when Mr Henry Weston joined the Herefordshire cider-making community, making cider and perry from his own fruit, collected from his orchards. We’re told there was always a barrel of cider in the cellar for the family and a hogshead in the cider house for the farm workers. Since then, they have continued to lovingly produce cider and perry to the highest quality, following the traditions set by Henry Weston - They’re so proud of their heritage, they put the family name on every bottle!

What’s in the hamper

Wyld Wood

Crafted from specially selected top quality organic cider apples. Oaky and full-bodied, Wyld Wood Cider has a truly appley, fresh and full-bodied taste with a ripe aroma – a true celebration of nature in a glass.

Henry Westons Vintage Cider

Made using Herefordshire’s finest apples, steeped in heritage, this cider is a firm favourite made using only the very best cider apples from a single year’s harvest. Traditionally crafted and slowly aged in 200-year-old oak vats to deliver a full-bodied cider – yum.

Caple Road

The UK’s first canned craft cider – oaky, smoky, with subtle notes of leather and matured for up to 18 months in both oak and stainless steel vats. An uncompromising and challenging cider, with taste and flavour at its heart.