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An Introduction by Tim Meeks of

It's the simple things in life that give us the most satisfaction. We've ditched the conventional lifestyle - the fixed abode, regular jobs and living for the weekend - and are currently enjoying the freedom of living in a caravan, seeking different places to learn and have adventures together as a family. We've freed up and prioritised time to do the things that we love best in the outdoors and are enjoying the benefits that it has to offer.

Simple activities such as camping under the stars, going on family walks and cooking outside are cheap in cost but rich in rewards and ensure that we all grow up with an important connection to nature; respecting, valuing and enjoying it.

Sitting around a fire pit, chatting and sharing stories and cooking simple foods like S'mores takes some beating.

So get outside, enjoy some fresh air together and, like us, you'll probably find it is very smorish!

Tim Meeks