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Who doesn’t love a BBQ when the British summer is at its hottest? However, most people retreat back inside the comfort of their homes at the first sign of a grey sky.

But there’s an increasing number of folk passionate about outdoor living throughout the year – for them, there is nothing better than a cold winter to light a fire and get cooking.

To cater for their every need, there is an eclectic range of outdoor cooking stoves on the market that can be quickly pulled out then packed away. We love them because they all use wood as their fuel source.

Aqua Forno

A British company who have recently raised funding via Indiegogo, their portable stoves are best described as ‘all things to all people’. Heat source, pizza oven, smoker and BBQ and that’s just for starters, the Aqua Forno also has a place to heat water ensuring hot drinks on tap!

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Biolite states their mission to be:

Creating affordable, durable products designed to cook, charge and light off-grid households by harnessing surrounding energy.

This is exactly what this philanthropic company does. We stock their Biolite Campstove 11 – perfect for using our kindling. Flames can not only be controlled like gas thanks to the technology they use – you can also charge a phone and a light from this tiny powerhouse of energy.

Biolite has recently launched a firepit which claims to be all fire without smoke. The company has created a fan attachment to make the magic happen – what’s more, it can use both logs and charcoal.

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A Cornish company, these outdoor stoves were originally designed as part of the humanitarian and relief aid effort. The closed firebox design not only makes for efficient use of fuel, it reduces emissions and lessens the chance of respiratory diseases in third-world countries.

Now selling online, Anevay offer a range of stoves that are suitable for brewing a cuppa on the beach through to ones CE approved for home installation.

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The Faltovn is an eco-friendly oven developed by the Dutch. Thanks to its Heath Robinson-looking chimney, it can be used inside a tent to provide warmth as well as for cooking and drying clothes. Its design means it's ultra-efficient and, despite its size, it packs down into a carry bag.

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If you’re after something small but perfectly formed and very reasonably priced, this little American stove is the one for you. It works with wood or alcohol, can be carried in a backpack and assembly is easy.


The Original Outbacker Stoves are British made, despite their Australian-sounding names. The company makes a range of stoves primarily for use in tents, which are fuelled by wood. They come with lots of accessories so you can add things like a water boiler to them and have that bygone look to them that adds to their sense of authenticity.

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For those that like a little luxury when it comes to living outdoors, this is the one for you, although you won’t be able to take it with you on your travels. Straight out of the pages of Vogue, the Girse is both an outdoor fire place and a BBQ with a handy log store underneath. The stove is wheeled so it can be moved around your outdoor space and is weather resistant for year-round use.

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