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The 20th of May is #WorldBeeDay dedicated to the humble pollinator which plays an incredibly important role in our ecosystem and without them, life would certainly be very different. Below is a list of 5 plants that are loved by bees to help encourage them into your garden this year. You can find out more about World Bee Day here.

1. Chives

Make your garden do double duty by planting chives! Not only are these absolutely brilliant to encourage pollinators into your garden, but you can also use the herbs in your cooking! They are loved by many different species of bees and provide an abundance of nectar for honeybees & bumblebees too! They flower in  spring and summer and are perfect to add to salads for a splash of colour. 

2. Lavender

A classic plant and seen in many gardens across Britain, this plant is adored by bees. When the flowers are out it provides a huge amount of nectar for the bees as well as butterflies. You can also use lavender to help with sleeping & again can be used in cooking too! Studies have suggested that lavender is actually more popular with bumblebees as their longer tongues are better adapted to take it's nectar. It also blooms in spring and into the summer where bees are at their hungriest. Planed in either pots or the ground, lavender is sure to bring bees into your garden! 

3. Foxgloves

Foxgloves are a very good source of pollen for all bees, but are the most attractive for longer tongues species. The very bright coloured flowers draws the bee in whilst the lower lip acts are a landing pad for the bees. You can find the foxglove in brighter woodland spaces, roadsides as well as gardens, but they will flower during the midsummer. The bright purple as well as the spots on the plant are highly visible to the bees which is what makes it so attractive.

4. Giant Hyssops

A member of the mint family, this plant is another one which is especially good for the bees. Huge pastures used to be planted with hyssops and where refered to as the honey plants! The plants can grow very tall and take a few weeks for the flowers to open, making it a long lasting supply of food for insects and pollinators. Available in different colours, but the most popular with the bees is the blue! 

5. Honeysuckle 

A native plant to the UK & often found as a hive of activity during the summer. Found in both gardens & in the wild, this climbing plant can even be pruned to thicken up, making it the perfect nesting site for birds too. It's highly fragrant & sweet smell makes it a hit with both birds & the bees! 

At Certainly Wood, we work & supply garden centers  across Herefordshire & the surrounding counties. Why not pay one of them a visit this weekend if you wanted to pick up some plants to make your garden more bee friendly this summer? 

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