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I suppose its probably just a fact of life for most of us, but we all seem to leave winter fuel to the last minute. Whether it be coal, heating oil or logs, how many of us forget to stock up and end up with a panic phone call?

So let me give you some damn good reasons to get stocked up in the summer

1. Logs are often cheaper in the summer as producers offer discounts.

2. Its all a lot more relaxed for delivery. No pressure to have it delivered next day, just as and when seems fine.

3. This in turn means you don't end up paying more for an 'urgent' delivery.

4. You have lots of daylight hours to get the wood packed away in the evening when you come home from work.

5. Its probably going to be reasonable weather and you never know, but the sun may even be shining!

6. Because the weather is going to be better, you have less pressure to pack away the logs on the same day as delivery. Take your time over a few days.

7. If you are buying 'seasoned logs' which probably need more drying, you have a few months of further drying before you are likely to start using them in October/November

8. If you have the space, buying in the summer allows you to stock up for the whole winter.

9. Once you have stocked up, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you have enough logs to keep you cosy all winter, however cold it gets.

10. Finally you can admire your wonderfully stacked logs for even longer, every time you walk past them you can be thoroughly satisfied - job well done!