Certainly Wood is a company right at the heart of the Herefordshire community, a family run business that has been growing now for nearly a decade, we pride ourselves as being the pioneers of kiln dried firewood (20% moisture content & ready to burn) of consistently high quality, hence the HETAS quality assurance we have accredited, along with our kindling and natural Flamers firelighters as other stalwart products.  

 As well as our logs being of a premium quality, we are always thinking up new ways to benefit our loyal, valued customers as we know energy bills only seem to head one way, most of you have probably seen our little green lorry busy making deliveries across the County or had deliveries from us yourself and know how fantastic our logs are and how helpful our drivers can be, but did you know that we also offer a community buy scheme? And how that actually works?

If you can get together with your neighbours or villagers and collate one order between you of anything from 2 -7 bulk bags, you would not only qualify for better discounts off your individual bulk bags, but also spread the cost of any delivery charges (if applicable) between you. The other benefit is with the deliveries being made in such close proximity you can be assured that they will be made promptly and efficiently, so no waiting in all day to inconvenience you!

All we ask is that one person is in charge of all orders details to pass on to us and one form of payment is made to cover all the order values, with a little bit of organisation you could be saving pounds off your next order and may even get you talking to neighbours and villagers you’d maybe only waved “morning“ at before!!

The community buy scheme is available all year.