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Certainly Wood are proud to be a provider of British firewood, grown on British soil and dried and seasoned to the HETAS industry standard – an industry standard we helped to develop.

Over the last decade this Herefordshire family business has gone from strength to strength due to the quality of our product, kiln dried and seasoned for maximum effect and packaged by volume rather than weight or load – so that our customers know that each package will give them just as good an experience and last for just as many fires as the last.

This beautiful British firewood has brought cheer and warmth to many British hearths over the past decade, and coupled with our signature Flamers natural firelighters and kindling, lighting and sustaining a good wood fire has never been so easy or so enjoyable.

Of course, it doesn’t have to end there. More and more today, people are turning back from electric and gas heating and cooking to the time-honoured British tradition of the cast-iron stove or cooker, burning coal or – much more importantly – wood.

And that industry has not stood still in the interim; ESSE, a market leader which has been in the business for over 160 years, still hold to the traditional values and aesthetics, but they’ve married these to modern technologies and innovations to produce wood-burning stoves and cookers that are second to none – and they’re completely British-made, in every detail.

The ESSE Plus 1, 905, and Ironheart cookers are designed to capture that classic, beautiful traditionally-fuelled cooker aesthetic without sacrificing flexibility or ease of use; the Ironheart, for example, is a design celebrating a hundred and fifty years of hard-won experience which combines innovative features with durability and a beautiful, rustic-traditional design.

By contrast, the Plus 1’s sleek traditional lines are at home in smaller spaces and it works well both on its own and as a complement to a separate, larger stove.

All of them are wood-fired, and Certainly Wood’s kiln dried British firewood is a perfect complement to these designs’ fantastic, efficient functionality. Together, the combination can brighten up your home and add an astonishing rich, comfortable warmth to your days, the perfect partnership of innovative modern British takes on traditional cooking and heating.

There’s another ESSE product that complements the seasoned firewood we offer at Certainly Wood beautifully; the outdoor wood-burning cooker known as the Fire Stone. Tried, tested and trusted by top chefs with Michelin stars, the Fire Stone has the potential to completely revolutionise outdoor cooking, bringing out new layers of flavour in everything cooked inside it with the beautiful aroma of well-seasoned firewood.

It's particularly exceptional as an outdoor pizza oven, baking wonderful firewood flavour into the taste for a deep dish to remember.