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Once again we are doing a bit with our local sponsored school - Madley Primary School, but this time, five children from Year 6 were here with Mrs Samuel for the day to learn about business.

They are doing a project in which they have to think of a product to make and then sell at the forthcoming Christmas Bazaar. They have called their company Timber Team and they are going to make 'Tooth Fairy Doors' and a number of other items too.

George spent most of the day with the children, showing them around the yard to see how the wood is processed and ultimately, how Certainly Wood dries firewood fast in its unique wood fired kilns which take 50 hours to season wood for burning as opposed to natural drying which can take up to two years. After the yard tour, he showed them around the office and each member of the Certainly Wood team spent a few minutes explaining their jobs. They spoke to Roger about finance, Jenny about the admin, Becky about labour and health & safety, Alex and Jason about sales and customer service and Nic and Natalie about marketing.

Nic spent some time showing them some of the best videos and they particularly liked the 'An hour in the yard' video - a tilt shift video showing what goes on in the busy yard over an hour, but in just 2 minutes!

So what did the children think was the best bit of the day for them? -  "Going into the secret Flamers shed";  "Steam coming out of the wood fired kilns and the logs smelling like apple crumble!"; "Seeing wood get chopped up"; "Seeing all the different machinery and their different noises";  "Packing the flamers and kindling and sending them back to school -can't wait to see them" and finally for Mrs Samuel, just the staggering numbers.

And finally if your children go to Madley Primary School and you are at the Christmas Bazaar, look out for the stand of Timber Team and make sure you buy as many of their fabulous products as possible for friends, children or grandchildren and help them to make as much money as possible.