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Herefordshire based specialist firewood company, Certainly Wood is taking wood fuel marketing to a new level – Digital marketing using videos. This may not be that surprising for large multi-national companies, but for traditional cottage industry firewood supply this is way ahead of the game. Managing Director Nic Snell said “We have invested heavily in digital marketing and wanted to use videos as a way of bringing firewood production to life and taking it into the homes of consumers. We want our customers to understand all aspects of firewood and there is no better way to get key messages across than by making it visual”

Certainly Wood was established 5 years ago by brothers George and Nic Snell and specialises in premier quality kiln dried logs. The business now produces over 15,000 tonnes of kiln dried firewood along with kindling, heat logs, natural firelighters, logs stores and other wood fuel related products. Supply is not only locally in Herefordshire, but also nationally via a network of independent retailers and now via its online shop where customers can order bulk deliveries direct to their home.

“We wanted also to have some fun with the videos” said Nic “so we have made one special video entitled ‘An Hour in the Yard’ which makes the people and machinery look like little miniatures. It is literally a typical busy hour in the yard shown in just over 60 seconds of film. We have even added to the excitement of this video by adding a ‘Find the Wally’ scenario. Wally appears in the shot 4 times so we wonder whether you can spot him”

In addition to videos, the company is also very active with Twitter and Facebook to ensure it interacts with its customers to maximise communications.

Editors notes:
- Certainly Wood is now the largest firewood producer in the UK and is recommended by most of the major UK stove manufacturers and distributors.
- The company became the 1st in the UK to be approved under the Hetas Solid Biomass Assurance Scheme (for more information visit ;
- Certainly Wood has a network of over 500 retail outlets across the UK
- For more information contact:

Nic Snell
Office - 01981 251796
Email –