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This is going to be a brief update as time is short!

Day 5 went well, although it was unbelievably long. We rode 126 miles from Carlisle to Aintree and it stayed dry all day which was a bonus. Not too hilly although we came over the The Shap in the Lake District and the sun was shining! We met the support team at 2 ish for lunch which is always so welcome, then still another 50 miles to go. We finally arrived at 7.45 p.m and all feeling pretty drained, but glad to see Aintree and George particularly excited that we rode over the 'Melling Road'. It was a quick supper, then bed.

Yesterday was just 106 miles down to Ludlow and a much flatter journey and we had an brief addition to the team - David, our brother. He had come up by train to join us for 40 miles which was a tremendous boost to the team. The first part of the route was once again  pretty flat, but ended up rather hilly at the end as we came into Shropshire and that was not so welcome as George and I in particular started to suffer from the long day before. It was nice to be met also by George's wife and daughter Rosie, who had left the support team the other day as not feeling too well.

It was a very early night and we are not particularly looking forward to today as we have 120 miles to go, all the way down to Wincanton, but it will be hugely boosted by the fact that we have some friends joining us for the ride in the early stages and we will be meeting family through Hereford on the way.

6 days down and just 3 to go - nearly there and looking forward to the end!